Preference | Clingy Old Girlfriend

Niall: Movie nights with One Direction are always kind of crazy, but when it’s movie night with One Direction and a real life love triangle, things get even more insane.
So Nialler has this girlfriend, right? Of course…he’s perfect, lovable, funny, everything anyone could want. But this girlfriend, she was not who you would’ve picked out for Niall. She’s an attention hog, clingy, jealous, everything that is annoying. Niall was pressured into dating her. The boys all said he needed a girl, and they must have picked her out of a hat because she was ratchet. But back to movie night….Niall and his girlfriend were kind of cuddled up in the corner. It was an awkward cuddle, Niall didn’t want to cuddle that particular time so it just ended strangely. You were sitting on the opposite side of the couch with Harry in between the couple and you. Zayn, Louis and Liam were on the floor. Niall text you half way through the movie complaining about her. You let him rant, you even added in some of your own thoughts. When the movie finished Niall stood up to use the bathroom. He left his phone there next to her and obviously she needed to look through it. “Let’s see what Niall and you were talking about, hmmm?” she smirked. ‘I’d much rather date you. I mean, you are amazing. We enjoy each other more than you two do…-(Y/N)’ one of the texts read. She was not happy. Niall returned to the couch and tried settling things. “There is nothing going on between (Y/N) and I.” he comforted. “We’re just friends.” The words left his mouth and she hugged him. He looked over her shoulder at you and shot you a sympathetic look. You awkwardly smiled, because what could you do? After a short time she left and the boys did too. Niall stayed behind to talk to you. “I agree with you.” he half-smiled. “What?” “I’d much rather date you too. And maybe soon we will, because I’ve love you more than anyone could ever love her and you deserve to know that.” With that, he left.

Louis: “You guys are so immature.” Louis grumbled. “Seriously, Louis?” you laughed as the boys threw confetti everywhere at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Louis had been weird for weeks now. He had broken up with his girlfriend. It had taken a lot, she was definitely clingy. He finally got rid of her and now he was just angry. She still called him non-stop, she showed up to about four of their concerts since then, she was basically all out stalker. He even had to stay at your place until she stopped coming to his house. After the boys left you decided it was time for an intervention. “What’s wrong, Louis?” you asked. “It’s not the girlfriend stuff. I know tha—” “It’s you.” he interrupted. “It’s you and how amazing you are. You and your stupid looks. I knew I liked you when I asked her out. I knew it. But, you..you’re you and I didn’t want to be anything less than a friend. Once I asked her out it just got worse. I literally couldn’t have you. Then I moved in with you and this has been the most painful thing in my life. Seeing you everyday. I love you so much, but I can’t do anything about it. It sucks.” You were wide eyed. “I don’t know what to say.” you gushed. “Just kiss me?”

Liam: “She’s suffocating me.” he admitted as he hung up his cell phone. He and his girlfriend had been dating for seven months. He had invited you to a concert, taking all the necessary loop holes as to not inform his ‘other half’ as to what was going on. “You love her, don’t you?” you asked. “I don’t even know. She used to be wonderful, but she just became so jealous of the fans, she doesn’t give me a second to breathe.” “I know, Li.” “Why can’t she be more like you?” “Hey, don’t bring me into this.” you defended. “Why not?” “She hates me already, if she knew you wished she was like me things would not end well.” “But you are incredible, (Y/N). You make me happy.” he laughed. “You make me happy, too.” “To be honest, you’ve made me happier than she ever has.” “Liam, please.” “I don’t care what she thinks about you. Personally, I love you.” he confessed as he kissed your lips.

Zayn: “So, (Y/N)? Now that I’m out of that horrible relationship, will you do me the honor of going on a date with me?” “Zayn…I…I’m going to have to think about it. I do really like you, but just give me some time, okay?” “Of course, darling. Take all the time you need.” You got in your car and drove off, just needing to clear your head. You drove everywhere, you didn’t stop. The one time you did, your passenger side door opened and none other than Zayn’s ex sat in the seat next to you. “You won’t say yes, will you?” she sneered. “Excuse me, did I invite you in?” “Answer the question.” “I don’t know.” “You better say no, because Zayn is still mine.” she laughed. She was mocking you. She thought the sight of her would bring the chances of you dating Zayn down, but you hated her just enough to where you did anything she didn’t want you to do. “Actually, one second.” You dialled Zayn and he answered on speaker phone. “Hey Zayn.” you said. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. How’s tomorrow night for you?” You never did thank her for being a clingy idiot.

Harry: The zoo. You can relate basically anyone you know to some species there. Elephants, monkeys, giraffes, anything really. You had taken a job at your local zoo, hoping someday to make zookeeper. You were fortunate, or unfortunate enough to run into Harry and his girlfriend on a day trip. “Hey (Y//N)!” Harry greeted. You could hear the disgust in his partners voice as she also said hello. “Hey, can I help you guys find anything?” “Well, we would like to see the monkeys.” “I can escort you there if you would like.” you offered. “I think I’ll wait over at a picnic table, I’m tired.” his date decided. “Alright, see you soon.” he smiled. You walked to the exhibit. You told Harry the name of each one and he laughed when they did silly things. Then you walked back to the table. His girlfriend faked a smile until you walked away, but when she thought you weren’t still just around the corner talking to someone she went off. “I can’t believe you ditched me for her!” she screeched. “You said it was okay!” he defended. “I don’t like her.” she snapped. “I don’t like you.” he sassed. “In fact, we’re over. You are an inconsiderate, annoying turd face.” he finished. “Good bye.” You couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

A/N: I feel like this sucks, sorry. Love you!